FRIGG came into the world in year 2021. FRIGG is a combination of soothing comfort, safety, and high-class Danish design, a pacifier that promotes health and wellness for little ones.

Their aspiration to create the best pacifier possible has made them think outside the box to bring something new and innovative to the pacifier market. The dream was to create a combination of soothing comfort, safety, and high-class Danish design, a pacifier that promote health and wellness for our little ones. With FRIGG they build a natural bond to children to make them feel safe and comforted, and to give them a feeling of motherly love.



With FRIGG you are making a healthy and safe choice for your little one, in a world filled with unhealthy and unsafe alternatives. FRIGG constantly keep improving pacifiers in order to provide the safest and healthiest options for children. 

With FRIGGs pacifiers innovative way of assembling their pacifiers. A simple 4-step process of connecting FRIGGs pacifier parts ensure that none of the materials suffer any kind of stress.In order to always provide what’s best for our little ones we will never stop improving our design and material choices when producing FRIGG pacifiers.



In Denmark we have a unique design tradition focusing on functionality and minimalism. With our FRIGG pacifiers we wish to carry on this tradition, while making them contemporary in order to fit right into the lives of modern families. Both Daisy, Rope, Moon Phase, Fairytale, Lucky and Butterfly have modern details that catch the eye of every modern mother. We have turned the classic design into an innovative one with modern twists. Our FRIGG pacifiers are 100% designed and made in Denmark (as the only pacifiers on the market) and little by little we get the opportunity to spread our Nordic roots around the world.


Done by Deer

Done by Deer is design with a distinctive graphic edge. The philosophy is simple. We combine innovative design, safety, and a daring use of colours. This makes every item outstanding.

Done by Deer is a Danish company, founded in December 2014. We design modern lifestyle products for families with babies and toddlers.

Combining great design, innovation and a daring use of contemporary colours to make every item outstanding, the Done by Deer interior and toys are for families who want to maintain a balance when decorating with kids in mind and still appreciate the simplicity of Danish design, which easily matches the rest of the décor.

We combine modern Scandinavian design with features that are fun and playful for children. All of our products are designed in-house in Denmark and naturally tested thoroughly to comply with strict European safety standards.

We are 100% friendly in everything we do, starting with designing products that puts a smile on your face, sourcing suppliers with similar values as ours and creating a friendly working environment within the company and with all of our business partners. We strive to do our best 100% of the time.


Mushie products are thoughtfully designed to bring calm to parenthood. Founded in 2018 by a couple that left their jobs as an educator and marketing consultant. It has been important for them to create products with a passion for beauty, safety and function, Mushie creates essential products for little ones.

Thoughtfully designed

We prioritize your family’s well-being with nontoxic materials like food grade silicone and organic cotton, and we exclusively work with fair trade suppliers to produce high-quality products.

Pass it down to friends and family

We make things that last. You can use mushie products with your children and then pass it down to someone else. With durability as a leading feature, our products push back against the consumerism of single-use and disposable goods ensuring a sustainable future and minimizing our environmental impact.

Mushie is best known for its Scandinavian designed silicone baby bibs, handmade pacifier clips, organic muslin swaddles, children's

dinnerware, and toys.